Offerings include:

Bridge Project Summer Institute for Freshmen, English Language Improvement Workshops, The English Conversation Program, SPEAK Testing, and more…

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Welcome to the English Language Institute at Mason

Mission Statement

The English Language Institute provides its students with quality instruction in English as a second language aimed at developing the language, academic skills, as well as the cultural awareness they need for their own academic and/or professional purposes. Additionally, they receive a wide variety of support services designed to facilitate their transition to life in and study in the United States.

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ELI Students

Mason's international students tend to be patient risk-takers, ready to match the unknowns of living in the United States with a spirit of adventure and intellectual determination to know, personally, the value of an international perspective.

Look at the blog for updates on student work and activities, such as Newspaper Production.


Teaching at the ELI

ELI instructional faculty are experienced, dedicated professionals with, minimally, master's degrees in linguistics, the teaching of English as a Second Language, or an equivalent field.  Find out more about the faculty, their qualifications, as well as the ELI teaching philosophy in the Teaching section of the website.


The ELI Supports Mason

Support Services for Multilingual Students and Faculty is a program designed to give multilingual learners the help they need so that an individual's linguistic and cultural background does not hinder academic success at Mason.


Application Deadlines

We are no longer accepting applications for the summer 2014 session.

Information about the fall 2014 application deadline and program information will be available soon.

Our commitment to quality instruction means we have to keep class sizes small. As a result of this effort and the inability to predict how many current students will choose to stay each semester, we may need to defer some applications.

Professional Programs

The ELI has offerings on Mason's Arlington campus for professionals and embassy personnel whose first language is not English. See our Professional Programs page for information on the many options available to individuals and employers.


ELI Academic Calendar


The Global Experience Project (GXP) is an interactive one-hour per week, eight-week program in which communications majors join ELI classes and participate in classroom activities that help them understand other cultures, values, and attitudes. At the same time, the program helps develop the English language and academic skills of ELI students from around the world.


Language Development Center